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Behind the Scenes at Wildlife Concepts

Step 1
Initial Design
Step 2
Customized Tanning
Step 3
Form Fitting and Sculpting
Step 4
Finishing Touches

Step 1 - Initial Design
The process of creating an award-winning mount actually begins with the initial design of what the final piece should look like.  Mike Kelly consults personally with each of his clients to arrive at design that is representative of the animal's natural form and is appealing to the hunter.  Mike incorporates years of skills and experience along with your specifications and input to create a trophy that is truly life-like.  Photos, videos, sketches, and first-hand accounts of the hunt are all taken into consideration and are incorporated into the final piece.  When necessary, Mike creates personalized miniature models (such as the one below) that are a reflection of what a specific mount will look like.  This personal commitment to customer satisfaction is just one of many reasons for making Wildlife Concepts your #1 source for all of your taxidermy needs.  [Back to top]   

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Step 2 - Customized Tanning
At Wildlife Concepts we believe that every animal is different in its own way, therefore each mount should be different as well.  The first hands-on process that results in your trophy's overall unique quality is tanning of the hide.  Each specimen that Wildlife Concepts prepares is first cared for by individually assessing and preparing the hide for tanning.  It is the physical characteristics of the individual hide, which are enhanced by our tanning process, that provide the groundwork for a high-quality, realistic trophy.  [Back to top]  

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Step 3 - Form Fitting and Sculpting
After the hide has been prepared, the process of fitting and sculpting begins.  Mike Kelly takes extreme care when fitting the hide so that the animal's true posturing and behavior can be preserved.  Only the finest quality models, mannequins, and materials are used to provide the structure and stability that is required to deliver true, life-like motion to the mount.  Each form and mannequin is carefully hand-sculpted and manipulated to insure the highest level of anatomical precision.  The extra hours that Mike invests during the fitting process are evident in each high-quality mount the he designs.  Visit our Trophy Room to see a few examples of Mike Kelly's award-winning mounts.  [Back to top] 

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Step 4 - Finishing Touches
The mounting process does not end after the hide has been fitted.  Every good taxidermist knows that finishing touches make or break the overall mount.  What sets Wildlife Concepts apart from other taxidermists is our personalized attention to detail.  Mike Kelly's commitment to excellence shines through in every mount.   [Back to top]   

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